The Lily Pad Party: $200 for up to 10 guests

($15 each additional artist)

The Lilypad Party is designed for younger artist’s up to age 5. This party lasts an hour and a half and begins with time for coloring, play, and dress up. Then the little artists are gathered for story time.  After the story kids are guided through painting an 11×14 pre-drawn canvas with washable tempura paint which they will then embellish with an array of art materials from open studio…and of course a dash of glitter!!

The Royal Crown Party: $250 for up to 10 guests

($15 each additional artist)

This party is designed for older artist’s ages 6 and up and lasts 2 hours. Artists will begin by beading a hanger for their painting. Then they will paint a 16×20 canvas with custom pre-drawn by your child . They will also have access to the open studio supplies for embellishing. We will use acrylic paint during this party unless otherwise requested. You may choose a custom theme for this party which will be used not he canvas and for table decorations.

Open Studio Party: $180 for up to 10 guests

($15 each additional artist)

This party is appropriate for any age. It will last an hour and a half with story time. One hour of open studio time and play and time for cake and opening gifts. This party includes an 8×10 blank canvas to create.


*All Parties include paper products (plates, napkins, forks.) We will accommodate any food that you plan to serve including plates for a meal and cake.

You may arrive 15 minutes before the start of your party and you may stay 15 minutes after the end, this ensures that we have enough time to clean and set up for the next party.


Just give us a call to customize yours!